Welcome to MF Communications latest Alcatel/Alcatel-Lucent update

We have excellent stock of many telephones and system spares:

Special Offers
NEW Alcatel 4068IP EE Bluetooth handset £65 / €91 / $103
NEW battery for 4068IP Bluetooth handset £10 / €14 / $16
Alcatel 4018IP EE £50 / €70 / $79

Below is a small selection of parts available:

Alcatel Telephones
Alcatel 4018, 4028, 4038
Alcatel 4019,4029, 4039
Alcatel 4004, 4010,  4020, 4035
Alcatel 4020IP and 4035IP
Adapters & PSU’s
Telephone handpieces
Line cords & Curly Cords

Enterprise Hardware & 4400 & 4200 Spares
CPU3 to CPU7-2
Z32                         Z24-2
UA32                      PRA2
e-UA32                   e-Z32
Armada                  INT-IP3
DPT1                       Z20-VG

Omni PCX Office
SLI16-1        Vo IP 16-1
PRA-T1        PRA-T2
MIX 2/4/4  AMIX 4/4/8-1
APA8            CPU4
UAI4             UAI8
UAI16-1        SLI8-1

Alcatel Omni Access & Omniswitch
AP65 NEW including wall mount kits – ONLY £40!
Omniswitch 6850-24
Omniswitch 6850-P48
OS6250 Rack Mount kit NEW
Plus various power supplies

Can’t see what you need?
We have excellent stock levels of many Alcatel parts. Please contact us if you can’t see what you need on +44 (0) 1892 514687 on email

Did you know?
We also supply many telephones and systems hardware for Unify/Siemens, Nortel/Avaya, Ericsson/Aastra, Mitel and Cisco.

See the Full Price List here.

Having trouble with your line or phone system?

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