Inbound Numbers

Inbound numbers allow you to manage your incoming calls more effectively by routing calls directly to the right person. Customer care and talking to the correct person are two factors given to improved good customer service and increased closing of sales.

Using memorable inbound phone numbers for your  advertising campaigns will also increase your return on investment, allowing potential customers to memorise your number more than a mobile or local business number.

Furthermore, unlike standard business phone numbers, non-geographic numbers (NGNs), such as those beginning with 0800/0808, are not assigned to a particularly geographic location, free of charge from all operators in the UK including mobiles, and can be routed to any  landline or mobile,  which we can easily and quickly update for you, giving your business full control and flexibility of incoming call management.

Having trouble with your line or phone system?

If you are currently experiencing a line fault or having a problem with your phone system or handsets, please complete the form below or call 01892 501376, and a member of our team will contact you straight back (mainland UK only).