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MF Communications support a wide range of organisations and industries

Since 2000, MF Communications has supported a wide range of organisations and industries in providing a complete range of network infrastructure and telecoms asset management with customer-centric solutions.

Among our many global partnerships we support industries including Oil & Gas, Network Operators, Transport Networks, Aviation, Military, Governments, Telecom & IT Manufacturers, System Integrators and Maintainers.

Our highly trained and very experienced team of telecom experts are always available to provide efficient, cost-effective, knowledgeable and highly professional advice and offer maximum customer support, at all times.

Our reputation for quality and attention to detail extends worldwide

Through our global telecommunications reputation, we were recently contacted by a large Transport Ministry in Africa who required management and maintenance support while seamlessly applying upgrades to their extensive telecommunications network.

With such a large network, the Transport Ministry was struggling to keep up with the upgrades forced upon them by the manufacturer of their telecoms networking equipment. When manufacturers introduce upgrades, they make existing models obsolete, which means they will no longer supply spare parts or offer system maintenance and support.

Spiralling costs was not the only reason that made it impossible for the Transport Ministry to continually upgrade their telecoms network in order to keep up with the manufacturer changes. So they approached MF Communications to assist with the areas of their network for which they were not able to upgrade, but which required system maintenance, support and to supply quality assured parts for their end-of-life telephone system and network.

MF Communications is a trusted and respected source to provide the highest quality equipment

As a supplier of both new and obsolete telecoms equipment, MF Communications is able to offer support to businesses operating networks that require maintenance to areas that have been declared end-of-life by the original manufacturers.

Our reputation for quality and attention to detail extends worldwide. Customers know and trust us to supply fully tested and guaranteed telecoms network spares that can help them to support their end-of-life equipment until such time as they are able to, or want to upgrade.

The Transport Ministry in Africa required spare parts and maintenance packages for their Siemens and Marconi telecoms networks. We support and supply a wide range of telecoms network equipment from all major manufacturers, such as Ericsson, Avaya, Siemens and Nortel, for which we also recently supplied to another Transport Ministry in Eastern Europe.

Like the African Transport Ministry, the Eastern European network required high quality remanufactured parts, regular upgrades and total system maintenance.

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