Ericsson MD110 & Aastra MX-ONE PBX System Parts

The Ericsson MD110 and Aastra MX-ONE telephone systems are now manufacturer discontinued (MD).  But MF Communications can still supply them to you for updating or expanding your business telephone networks.

The Ericsson MD110 system includes integrated voice, data and multimedia applications and can support both fixed and mobile telephony. This includes IP telephones, IP soft phones, and cordless telephones, digital, analogue, mobile and fixed public telephones. It also offers advanced mobility features. Integration of the Mobile Extensions into the office system gives mobile phones full access to all services. 

The MD110 system is a convergence communication system with a scalable platform. It can support up to 35,000 users by linking of its Line Interface Modules (LIM’s), even if distributed over a wide area. Although distributed via traditional two MB links, distribution of the LIM’s over an IP network is also possible. A LIM can be located in branch-node office and connected via an IP-connection to the main office and the other LIMs in the same system.

Each self-supporting LIM has its own software and hardware including all device units. The processing power is fully distributed. All telephony and system features are fully transparent.

The Aastra MX-ONE is a complete IP PBX that scales up to 50,000 users. It has open software and hardware that runs on the Linux operating system and standard servers. The MX-ONE system supports a rich variety of new and classic interfaces, such as IP and ISDN, as well as conventional analogue and digital interfaces. This allows for smooth interaction with both all-IP installations and conventional telecommunications. With full MX-ONE deployment, powerful end-user applications and a management solution combine to create a comprehensive, multi-convergence solution.

Based on distributed processor architecture, the Aastra MX-ONE PBX has in-built Line Interface Modules (LIM’s). A LIM can function as an independent node or in combination with other LIMs to form a single system. Since it is a single system, management is always fully centralised. The concept is flexible in regards to centralisation versus decentralisation; both approaches can be adapted depending on specific customer scenarios.

MX-ONE caters for all customer scenarios—all-IP, branch offices and geographically dispersed organisations. 

All Ericsson MD110 or Aastra MX-ONE PBX systems equipment, hardware and spares are fully tested, refurbished, and supplied as new with a full one-year warranty. If you are unable to find the Ericsson MD110 or Aastra MX-ONE PBX systems part below, please email or call us on +44 (0) 1892 514687 for assistance.

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