Environmental Policy (CP-01)

MF Communications are committed to caring for the environment and the prevention of pollution.

MF Communications carry out all our activities (within the defined scope) in conformance with the relevant environmental legislation.
We seek to minimise waste, promote recycling, reduce energy consumption, reduce harmful emissions and, where possible, to work with suppliers and customers on practical environmental programmes.

An essential feature of the environmental management system is a commitment to continually improving environmental performance and pollution prevention. We achieve this by setting environmental improvement objectives and targets, which we regularly monitor and review.

Our employees are committed to the achievement of the objectives and targets, which are publicised throughout the organisation.
MF Communications communicate this policy and the obligations and responsibilities required by the environmental management system, to all other persons working on behalf of us.

In order to ensure the achievement of the above commitments, we implemented an environmental management system, which satisfies the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001.

Members, January 2012

Environmental Agency registration number CB/WP3717AK

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