Nortel System Maintenance

MF Communications can install, support and provide system maintenance for your Nortel telephone system.

MF Communications can install, support and provide system maintenance for your Nortel phone system.

The Nortel phone system , also known as the Nortel Meridian, is a popular small business PBX with over 43 million small business installed users worldwide.

It offers LAN communications, computer telephony integration (CTI), advanced voice features, data connectivity and information services for communication applications ranging from 60 to 80,000 lines. The Nortel Meridian can be configured as a non-VOIP PBX and can be upgraded to a hybrid system with VoIP added.

MF Communications has 15 years of experience supplying a wide range of Nortel Meridian Option phones and maintaining Nortel phone systems. Our fully accredited Nortel phone system installers and system engineers provide telephone system maintenance and exceptional customer care.

We can provide you with a cost effective system maintenance and support solution to manage, support and maintain your Nortel phone system and Nortel Meridian Option phones.

Nortel Phone System maintenance benefits with MF Communications:

  • Software Support
  • Programming
  • System installation
  • Handset supply
  • 365 day support - where available
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Nationwide engineer
  • Support for equipment no longer manufactured
  • 15 Years of professional experience
  • Once a year site visit to service system

Nortel Telephone Systems we currently maintain include:

  • Meridian Option 11
  • Meridian Option 11c
  • Meridian Option 61
  • Meridian Option 81
  • Nortel CS1000

If you would like to discuss how MF Communications can provide system maintenance support for your Nortel phone system Nortel Meridian Option phones, please email or call us on 01892 514687 and ask to speak with one of our UK business managers.

*End of life statement – For a small amount of telephone systems that are end of life MF Communications may be unable to source spares for, you will be informed of this during the quotation phase – We may be able offer alternative solutions if we are unable to offer a fully contracted maintenance agreement on the legacy, end of life system that you are using.

Having trouble with your line or phone system?

If you are currently experiencing a line fault or having a problem with your phone system or handsets, please complete the form below or call 01892 501376, and a member of our team will contact you straight back (mainland UK only).