Vocera Badge Batteries and Accessories

Batteries and accessories for Vocera Badges

MF Communications now supplies batteries, lanyards and clips for Vocera Badges, designed for the healthcare sector and used by many NHS Trusts.

The wearable badges are key to the Vocera Communication System, which enables highly mobile workers, such as doctors, nurses and care teams, the ability to stay connected without having to carry a mobile device. 

Lightweight, voice-controlled and intelligent call routing gives instant communication, flexibility and efficiency for health professionals.

If you use, or are considering using, a Vocera Communication System you will need these essential products, especially for any discontinued models.  MF Communications can supply the following:

  • Batteries for Vocera B2000 and B1000A Badges
  • Standard and extended batteries for B3000 and B3000N Badges
  • Lanyards and universal clips for B3000 and B3000N

For more information about our Vocera packages and Vocera Communication Badges contact Yan Handwerg on 01892 514 687 or email yan@mfcomm.co.uk

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