Alcatel 4200

MF Communications stock new and remanufactured Alcatel 4200 PBX Systems and Alcatel 4200 system parts.

The Alcatel 4200 PBX is a scalable system. It comes complete with a preconfigured server for voice integration, data and internet IP capabilities. The Alcatel 4200e and the 4210 are cost effective PBX choices. These systems are versatile, with a variety of features to choose from and install as and when they are required. MF Communications stocks a full range of spare parts for the Alcatel 4200 systems, such as the SLC8, DLC8, SOTO8 cards and telephones such as 4012 and 4034 models. 

The Alcatel Office Business 4200E offers a solution to complex networks. It supports a maximum of 128 phone extensions and offers unique functions for hospitals, hotels, educational colleges and other institutions with up to 99 rooms. It is possible to network the 4200E in order to connect offices based on more than one site. The system has multimedia capabilities and offers mobility options to help improve employee efficiency and allow for constant communication.  

The Alcatel SLC8 is an eight-port SLT analogue extension card.

The Alcatel DLC8 is an eight-port digital extension card.

The Alcatel SOTO8 is a card for eight ISDN or SO lines/users with the addition of a daughter board.

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