Ericsson Business Phones

Swedish company, Ericsson is a multinational provider of communications and services. In 2008 Ericsson sold its enterprise PBX business to Canadian based, Aastra.

Ericsson now focuses on the operator and service provider area.  Aastra is a multinational company providing a broad range of telecoms equipment and service solutions to suit all businesses. It offers solutions for small to medium sized businesses, up to large-scale enterprises requiring call centre capabilities with high definition video communications. 

Available models include the Ericsson Dialog range, from the Dialog 3202, to the Dialog 4225 IP, an executive phone that includes full duplex, hands free capabilities and acoustic echo cancellation, suitable for telephone conference calls and meetings and for executive or supervisory use.

Other Ericsson models include the 3200 series, the 4200 series and Ericsson IP telephones such as the 4420 IP and the 3413 IP. Mobile solutions available include the Ericsson DT 350, DT400 and DT 570 telephones. In Ericsson telephones you will find a range of capabilities, from basic, non-display models for general areas and usage, to professional level telephones, suitable for advanced use and telephone conferencing.

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