Extreme Carrier Parts

Extreme Networks produce purpose built carrier equipment to support telephony centres, corporate data centres and network backbones.

The Extreme BlackDiamond series works within networks to make voice and data pass without distortion, while increasing speed and size of data through an operators network. The Extreme BlackDiamond series was built and developed with the user in mind, working on multi layers to provide added security and backup without interruption.

The Extreme Black Diamond series can support over 125,000 virtual machines from one system with up to 20Tbps of switching capacity. Furthermore, the BlackDiamond series uses less power per port than many of its competitor carrier models, keeping your business costs low while being green and environmentally-friendly too.
With more companies moving to cloud solutions and cloud based data centres, the demand for this type of carrier hardware is increasing.

With new telecommunications technologies, manufacturers such as Extreme Networks develop faster technologies with greater capacities. However, in the process, they no longer support the legacy equipment which so often remains at the backbone of many business telecommunications and carrier network. MF Communications provide ongoing support and end-of-life and legacy carrier equipment.

Providing new and second-user remanufactured spare parts, MF Communications is helping businesses in over 100 countries, worldwide.

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