Marconi ForeRunner Carrier Parts

Obsolete and legacy products from Fore Systems, Marconi and Forerunner are still widely available from MF Communications, either by shipping directly from our warehouse or sourced from our own network of global suppliers.

As time passes, users have found sourcing critical spare parts for their Marconi SMA / MSH network increasingly difficult and time consuming.  However, MF Communications can help provide or source the parts needed to support and even extend a network.

MF Communications can supply various Marconi SMA / MSH core networking, switching and transmission spares parts. These are available in stock or through our global suppliers, to enable users of Marconi to support their current carrier networks.

Before Marconi ceased trading in 2001, they acquired Fore Systems. Marconi, in turn, was purchased by Ericsson, and Marconi SMA / MSH spares parts are now no longer manufactured.

The Marconi SMA telecom's range offers a wide range of versatile equipment for a number of different network applications. The Marconi SMA a range provides additional multiplexers for easy upgrade and to help expand and develop an existing system. This helps to reduce environmental changes and keep down operational costs.

Marconi SMA and Marconi MSH meet all SDH switching requirements. The Marconi MSH holds a 960 Gbit/s dual technology SDH/OTN switch. This is designed to deliver no single point of failure due to duplicated hardware, 40G/OTM-0.3 capable platform, further expansion options up to 2880 Gbit/s.


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