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Fibre Carrier

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  • FBT

    FBT – Fibre Optic Splitter with Single Window

  • FBT-MM

    FBT-MM – Fibre 1310nm 1490nm 1550nm Three Window FBT Optic Splitter / Multimode Fibre Splitter


    FC-LC-SM-SX – Fibre FC Optic Patch Cord with G657A1 Fibre , Armoured LSZH Fibre Cable


    FC-SC-SM-SX – Fibre Duplex OM4 Optic Patch Cord LC – LC with Ceramic Ferrule

  • FMC

    FMC – Fibre 1.25G SFP 30KM Module for Fibre Optic Media Converter CCTV Network

  • FMC-1310nm

    FMC-1310nm – Fibre 10/100M 1310nm Dual Fibre Fast Ethernet Optical Fibre Media Converter Cat 5 UTP

  • FMC-2KM

    FMC-2KM – Fibre 10/100/1000M 2KM Optical Fibre Media Converter for FC Connector

  • FMC-2U

    FMC-2U – Fibre 2U Optic Media Converter Rack for 19 inch Rack Mounted Structure

  • FMC-Base-T

    FMC-Base-T – Fibre 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit UTP Fibre Ethernet Media Converter 0-120KM

  • FOC-B

    FOC-B – Fibre Bundle 12 Core Optical Cable 0.9mm Flame – Retardant For CATV

  • FOC-DX

    FOC-DX – Fibre Multimode Duplex Optic Cable with 2.0 / 3.0 mm Tight Buffer

  • FOC-IA

    FOC-IA – Fibre Single mode Armoured Indoor Optic Cable with LSZH / Steel Tube

  • FOC-Mini

    FOC-Mini – Fibre 12 Mini Ribbon Fibre Optic Cable with 3.0mm Round OFNP Jacket


    FOC-MPO – MTP APC Fiber Optic Connector with USCONE Standard Structure

  • FOC-MPO-24core

    FOC-MPO-24core – Fibre OM3 / OM4 24 core MPO Optic Connectors for Fibre Patch Cord