Alcatel Business Phones

Alcatel is a registered trademark of Alcatel Lucent. It supplies home and business phones, including corded, cordless and VoIP models. MF Communications supplies a wide range of Alcatel system parts, spares and phones. If you are looking for replacement Alcatel Telephones or need additional Alcatel phones for your offices or support contracts we are happy to help.

MF Communications supplies Alcatel phones such as Alcatel 4001 and Alcatel 4012 through to more advanced models such as the Alcatel 4034. We also support with the Alcatel Reflexes telephones, including Alcatel 4004 and Alcatel 4010 through to the Alcatel 4035 phones.

If you need IP phones, we provide Alcatel models such as the 4018IP Touch phone through to the Alcatel 4068IP phone. The Alcatel 8 Series IP Touch phones are full-featured desk phones that offer integrated IP connectivity and telephony. These Alcatel IP phones support a range of features and functions, including web-based XML business applications, with high quality audio and an optimized design with large, high-resolution screens. If you are looking for mobile solutions for your business,

MF Communications can supply you with a full range of Alcatel DECT telephones. These include the Mobile Reflexes range, the Mobile 100 (which is now obsolete but we still can supply), the Mobile 200, the Mobile 300 and the Mobile 400. Alcatel DECT telephones are compatible with the 4400 and 4200 systems.

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