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MF Communications source and supply new Teledex hotel phones. All products come with a full warranty and can be delivered worldwide.

By supplying current and legacy business telephones and phone accessories to small, medium and large companies in over 125 countries, we have built up a reputation for excellent quality products and customer service, good lead times and a wide range of stock availability.

For more information, advice, help or to order any products, please call +44 (0)1892 514687 or email us.

Showing 139 Teledex products below

£104.30 (£125.16 inc tax)
£107.94 (£129.53 inc tax)
E100 ETrim
£26.04 (£31.25 inc tax)
£43.54 (£52.25 inc tax)
E100 Lobby
£43.54 (£52.25 inc tax)
E100 4 key
£43.54 (£52.25 inc tax)
E100 8 key
£45.08 (£54.10 inc tax)
E100 12 key
£45.08 (£54.10 inc tax)
E200 Basic
£65.66 (£78.79 inc tax)
E200 4 key
£65.66 (£78.79 inc tax)
E200 12 key
£67.34 (£80.81 inc tax)
E103 RediDock
£59.34 (£71.21 inc tax)