Marconi Carrier Parts

Marconi ceased trading in 2006 and Ericsson took over some of its products (e.g. the OMS range). However, MF Communications still stocks a wide range of core networking, switching and transmission spares parts for many legacy Marconi platforms, including the MSH range and SMA Series. 

Parts available include STM Mux, PSTN, DWDM, MDRS Microwave Radio, power supplies, model shelves, PSUs, Modules, switches and cards for AxH Series, MSH Series, PLA Series, PLT Series, SMA Series 3, SMA Series 4, SMA 16, SMA 64, System X and MDRS platforms.

The now obsolete MSH Series includes MSH11C, MSH41C, MSH51C, MSH63, MSH64, MSH64C, MSH84 and MSH86. 

Visit the Ericsson page for OMS 1200, OMS 1600, OMS 3200 and OMS 800 parts. We also have Fore Systems and Forerunner parts, which Marconi acquired before it closed.

It is becoming harder to source many of these parts, but at MF Communications we still have a good supply available to ship worldwide.

View some of the Marconi parts available below, or if you can’t see what you want, contact us on (+44) 1892 514 687, or email us.

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