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Alcatel OmniPCX Office

MF Communications stock a wide range of Alcatel OmniPCX Office telephone system products and parts.

We have 1000s of products in our warehouse. So, if you cannot find the parts you are looking for, contact us and we will find them for you.

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    3EH04026 – Alcatel CPU VOIP-16 PN

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    3EH08125AA – Alcatel Wall Mounted Kit for Rack 1

  • 3EH73003AB

    3EH73003AB – Alcatel SLI16

  • 3EH73007AC

    3EH73007AC – Alcatel PRA-T1

  • 3EH73015AC

    3EH73015AC – Alcatel Mix 4/4/8 Card

  • 3EH73026AC

    3EH73026AC – Alcatel CPUe

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    3EH73048AG – Alcatel CoCPU-1 including 64mb RAM

  • 3EH73048BB

    3EH73048BB Alcatel CS inc RAM, HD, XMEM-1 + SLANX4

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    3EH73052AB – Alcatel SLI16-1

  • 3EH73063ACJB

    3EH73063ACJB – Alcatel VoIP 8-1

  • 3EH73086AB

    3EH73086AB – Alcatel CS-2

  • 3EU23002AB

    3EU23002AB – Alcatel MCV24

  • MT4LSDT1664AY

    Alcatel 128mb RAM for CPU-4

  • 3EH75011AA

    Alcatel 128Mb SDRAM – 3EH75011AA

  • 3EH75002AAA

    Alcatel 12v 1.2AH Battery Kit