VoIP Phone Solutions

VoIP-enabled IP phones gives you a phone service over the internet

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a phone service delivered over the internet, instead of via a public switch telephone network (PSTN). Using VoIP-enabled IP phones allows you to connect to users with compatible phones using a router, which sends the call out over a data line. The data line needs to be a resilient data connection with at least 100k upload speed per user/call.  Some VoIP installers will install VoIP phones on Low Grade Broadband connections, but this causes Packet loss and dropped calls.

Other terms commonly associated with VoIP include IP phone telephony, Internet phone telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service.

Using a VoIP phone system, a call can be made to another VoIP user, a landline or even a mobile.

Utilising IP telephony allows users to take full advantage of a range of features traditionally found on a PBX system. This includes call transfer, forwarding and hold, call conferencing, mobile office, for example.

VoIP is available on many smartphones, personal computers, and on Internet access devices.

MF Communications understands that every business is different.  So we offer a range of VoIP services and IP telephony solutions to meet all needs. A hosted VoIP platform is a flexible alternative that is ideal for businesses moving away from traditional office-based working practices and also for those businesses that wish to avoid expensive start-up costs of a small business phone system.

What are the benefits of Hosted VoIP?

  • Cost effective
  • Free calls between users of the hosted platform
  • Easy & quick to set up and install
  • Peace of mind with Automatic Disaster Recovery – in emergencies, calls can be re-routed to mobiles or other offices without customers knowing
  • Great for networking for multi-site businesses

A business VoIP phone system using IP phones can save your business money and could be what your business needs.  Our bespoke services allow for our clients to include VoIP as part of their business telecommunications solutions. 

Please email us for more information or call today on 01892 514687 and ask one of our experienced UK Business Managers whether VoIP services and a business VoIP phone system is right for your business.

Having trouble with your line or phone system?

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