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Mitel Networks is a Canadian based, global supplier of business telecommunications solutions. In 2001, Mitel made ceased producing PBX systems to focus on VoIP products. However, Mitel PBX systems continue to be in operation and MF Communications can supply and support your Mitel PBX system with its wide range of spare PBX parts including the Mitel SX2000 and business phones, including the popular and Superset 420 & 430, Superset 4025, Superset 4125, Superset 4150 and the Superset 5212 IP.

The Mitel SX2000 is a popular choice of PBX with digitally integrated communications for switching telephone calls and data connections between terminals and/or computers. The SX2000 can accommodate the layout of most enterprises by way of its flexible configuration. It can support up to 3000 telephones on its own, or more if linked with other PBX systems.

MF Communications carries a large stocks of legacy and obsolete Mitel PBX second-user end-of-life (EOL) parts and products in our UK warehouse. All our remanufactured PBX parts and phones come with a full one-year warranty.

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