Nortel CS1000

MF Communications has a large stock of new and remanufactured Nortel CS1000 parts for the CS1000, CS1000E and CS1000M telephone systems.

The Nortel CS1000 is a full featured, highly scalable IP communications system that meets business needs from as few as 48 extensions. There are two available options of the Nortel CS1000 system, the CS1000E and the CS1000M.  Both support IP, digital and analogue phones and employ an open architecture system, which will allow third party integration.  Each sport over 750 telephony features and boast a high level of security for protection of its users. The resilience of the Nortel CS1000 systems ensures that networks remain stable and operational.

The Nortel CS1000E is ideal for existing or new customers who are IP Centric and want a reliable and secure IP Telephony solution.  The CS1000E can support up to 22500 IP users, up to 5,000 digital phones and up to 5000 analogue phones. It has a broad portfolio of productivity enhancing applications.

The Nortel CS1000M is extremely well suited for existing Nortel Meridian 1 customers that are TDM-centric. It allows them to keep up to date with the latest software and applications without having to make the move to IP. The CS1000M can support up to 15,000 IP users, up to 15000 IP phones, up to 16000 digital phones and up to 16000 analogue phones.

Both the CS1000E and CS1000M support TAPI, SIP and TR-87 call control API’s.

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