Nortel Option 11

MF Communications stock a wide range of Nortel Option 11 telephone system parts including NT8D14BBNTDK78AANT5D97ADE5, NTRH30AA and many more. 

The Meridian 1 Option 11C Mini is a digital PBX, ideal for small and growing businesses. It provides offices from 60 to 128 lines, with expandable capacity for up to 800 lines. The Option 11C Mini offers a full range of Meridian 1 advanced applications. It also provides for both traditional and Voice over IP communications. 

The Meridian 1 Option 11C is a digital PBX that delivers advanced applications and carrier-grade,’ five-nines’ reliability for traditional voice and Voice over IP communications. Supporting up to 800 lines, it provides a range of desktop and system features similar to that of the larger Meridian 1 systems. This includes digital and IP telephones, IP Gateways, mobility (802.11) communications, voice messaging, call centre, PC-based system management, and multimedia applications. The Option 11C's modular design allows for easy and cost effective addition as required.    

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