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  • FOC-B

    FOC-B – Fibre Bundle 12 Core Optical Cable 0.9mm Flame – Retardant For CATV

  • FOC-DX

    FOC-DX – Fibre Multimode Duplex Optic Cable with 2.0 / 3.0 mm Tight Buffer

  • FOC-IA

    FOC-IA – Fibre Single mode Armoured Indoor Optic Cable with LSZH / Steel Tube

  • FOC-Mini

    FOC-Mini – Fibre 12 Mini Ribbon Fibre Optic Cable with 3.0mm Round OFNP Jacket

  • FOC-SX

    FOC-SX – Fibre OS1 Simplex Indoor Singlemode Optic Cable with PVC Jacket


    GYFTY – Fibre GYFTY OM3/OM4 Cable with Black MDPE/HDPE Outer Jacket

  • GYTA

    GYTA – Fibre GYTA OM1 / OM2 Aerial Optic Cable with Corrugated Steel

  • GYTS

    GYTS – Fibre MM Duct/Derict Buried Optical Fibre Cable for FTTH Network


    GYXTW – Fibre Multimode Outdoor Optic Cable with Black PE Jacket