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    FC-LC-SM-SX – Fibre FC Optic Patch Cord with G657A1 Fibre , Armoured LSZH Fibre Cable


    FC-SC-SM-SX – Fibre Duplex OM4 Optic Patch Cord LC – LC with Ceramic Ferrule


    LC-FC-SM-SX – Fibre Lc Fc Patch Cord Simplex Fiber Optic Cable Single Mode For CATV networks


    LC-SC-MM-DX – Fibre SC Armoured Fiber Optic Patch Cord Duplex Multimode with Red / Black Boot

  • LC-SC-MM-DX-3M

    LC-SC-MM-DX-3M – Fibre Multimode 50/125 Optic Jumper 2mm Orange Duplex Jacket 3M


    LC-SC-MM-DX-ONFP – Fibre SC Singlemode Simplex Optic Patch Cord with OFNP Jacket Cable

  • LC-SC-OM3

    LC-SC-OM3 – LC OM3 50/125um Duplex Fibre Optic Patch Cord


    LC-SC-OM3-LAN – Fibre Optic Patch Cord LC Singlemode Duplex Ribbon Cable for LAN Network

  • LC-SC-SM-SX Blue

    LC-SC-SM-SX Blue – Fibre Singlemode Simplex Optic Patch Cord with 2.0mm Blue Fibre Cable

  • LC-ST-OM3

    LC-ST-OM3 – Fibre SC – LC Optic Patch Cord, Violet / Purple OM3 50/125 Cable

  • MPO-OM4

    MPO-OM4 – Fibre OM4 MPO UPC Optic Patch Cord , 4 8 12 24 Core Cable in Multimode


    MTRJ-LC-OM3 – Fibre MTRJ Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord OM3 Duplex Low Insertion Loss

  • ST-SC

    ST-SC – Fibre ST – SC Fibre Optic Patch Cable 3.0mm Violet Colour OFNR Outer Jacket

  • ST/LC/SC

    ST/LC/SC – Fibre ST UPC Optic Patch Cord OM2 62.5 with ROHS Optical Cable