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  • ODF

    ODF – Fibre 144 core 8U ODF Fiber Optic Patch Panel with FC Square Fibre Adaptor

  • OTB-RF-FC48

    OTB-RF-FC48 – Fibre 48 core Optic Patch Panel for FC / UPC Optical Fibre Patch Cord

  • OTB-RF-LC24

    OTB-RF-LC24 – Fibre Duplex Port Fixed 24 Port LC Patch Panel / Fibre Termination Box

  • OTB-RF-SC12

    OTB-RF-SC12 – Fibre SC/APC ODF Fibre Optic Panel with 12 core Optical Fibre Pigtail

  • OTB-RF-SC48

    OTB-RF-SC48 – Fibre SC Duplex 48 port Optic Patch Panel with 2U Height Box

  • OTB-RS

    OTB-RS – Fibre LC / UPC 48 cores Optic Patch Panel with Stainless Steel

  • OTB-RS-LC12

    OTB-RS-LC12 – Fibre 12 Core LC Duplex Adaptors Rack Mount Fibre Optic Patch Panel Sliding Type

  • OTB-RS-LC24

    OTB-RS-LC24 – Fibre Black Colour 19’’Optic Patch Panel with 12 SC Simplex Port

  • OTB-RS-SC12

    OTB-RS-SC12 – Fibre 12-Port SC Duplex Optic Patch Panel for Telecom Network