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    FTTH-SC – Fibre FTTH Drop Pigtail with Black LSZH Jacket for Indoor / Outdoor

  • LC-12core

    LC-12core – Fibre GYTA LC Duplex Clip Fibre Optic Pigtail for 2.0mm Fibre Cable

  • LC-SM

    LC-SM – Fibre LC Single Mode Pigtail Optical Fibre With 12 Core Ribbon Fibre Cable

  • SC-12core

    SC-12core – Fibre 12 core Optical Pigtail with LSZH Jacket for SC Fibre Optic Connector

  • SC-MM

    SC-MM – Fibre Ribbon Optic Pigtail Single mode with FC Fibre Optic Connector

  • SC-OM3

    SC-OM3 – Fibre OM3 Multimode SC Grey Housing Fibre Optic Pigtail for 10G Network

  • SC-SM

    SC-SM – Fibre SC Single mode Optic Pigtail with UPC APC Polishing Fibre Ferrule


    SM/MM-SX/DX – Fibre MTRJ MU MPO MTP Optic Pigtail for OM4 Fibre Optic Adaptor