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Siemens HiPath

MF Communications stock a wide range of new, remanufactured and refurbished Siemens HiPath telephone system products and parts.

We stock 1000s of products in our warehouse. So, if you cannot find the parts you are looking for, contact us and we will find them for you.

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  • S30122-X8009-X22

    Are you looking for Siemens UACD S30122-X8009-X22?

  • C39165-A7070-B14

    C39165-A7070-B14 – Siemens Hipath 4000 Fan Unit

  • C39228-A7195-A11

    C39228-A7195-A11 – Siemens Sivapac Adaptors

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    L30220-Y600-M34 – Siemens MDF Kit MDFHX6

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    L30220-Y600-M36 – Siemens CABLU Kit for 19′ Patch-Panel (24 Pair)

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    L30220-Y600-M40 – Siemens DIU Cable, 120 Ohms

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    L30220-Y600-M48 – Siemens Connector Kit for 120 Ohm DIU Cable

  • L30251-U600-A820

    L30251-U600-A820 – Siemens ISDN S2M Module (TS2RN)

  • S30810-Q2227-X200

    MF Communications sell the Siemens SLMAV24 S30810-Q2227-X200.

  • S30050-B5072-X-15/01

    S30050-B5072-X-15/01 – Siemens Charging Rectifier

  • S30050-G6383-X100

    S30050-G6383-X100 – Siemens Power Box PSR930 Master incl Basic Controller

  • S30054-U5875-E182

    S30054-U5875-E182 – Siemens E & M – PTT

  • S30124-X5015-(K5035)-X

    S30122-K5035 and S30124-X5015 – Siemens PSUHC

  • S30122-K5318-X400

    S30122-K5318-X400 – Siemens PSU

  • S30122-K5367

    S30122-K5367 – Siemens DPS1500HC Complete shelf