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Siemens HiPath

MF Communications keep a wide range of Siemens Hipath telephone system parts and business phones in stock.

The Siemens HiPath 3300 is a versatile 19" rack mounted system, ideal for up to 20 users.

The Siemens HiPath 3500 is a 19″ rack mounted system ideal for up to 40 users (80 if IP).

The Siemens HiPath 3550 is a flexible wall mounted system ideal for up to 84 users.

The Siemens HiPath 3350 is a wall mounted system ideal for up to 20 users.

The Siemens HiPath 3350, 3550, 3500 and 3300 systems use Euro-ISDN technology for digital network and system interfaces. Interactive user prompting via display and dialogue keys on OptiPoint handsets allows for easy and quick activation of features.

The software suite, HiPath ComScendo, provides the most comprehensive array of voice communication services. This is regardless of whether used via IP, TDM telephones or PC clients. The HiPath 3500 and 3300 systems offer solutions to suit many different applications, from basic systems to advanced and complex solutions. They are ideal for small to medium sized organisations.

The Siemens HiPath 3750 system is ideal for up to 500 users. The HiPath 3750 is a multi-cabinet, floor-mounted system. Based on Euro-ISDN technology for digital network and system interfaces, there is no capacity for a motherboard on the Siemens HiPath 3750 system. Instead, the main cabinet has room for seven cards. It is possible to add a maximum of two expansion cabinets for extra requirements, each holding up to 8 cards.

The Siemens HiPath 3800 is a secure, reliable, communications system. It has fully integrated IP communications and multisite networking capabilities. This flexible system that can be either freestanding, floor mounted or installed in a 19-inch rack modular configuration. It can support up to 250 analogue channels (ISDN, loop start, IP), up to 384 digital subscribers and up to 500 IP work points. In addition up to 64 cordless base stations and 250 handsets.

The networking capabilities of the Siemens HiPath 3800 allow users to share their applications and resources either in a single location or throughout a multi-site network. This makes the HiPath 3800 suitable for a wide range of business needs, including call centres, multimedia messaging and employee mobility.

The Siemens HiPath 4000 is a modular, stackable, communications platform. It has scalable access points and software branches and it supports analogue, TDM or IP, allowing integration into any IP infrastructure. The Siemens HiPath 4000 has a wide range of features and is able to cater for practically any requirement profile. With the ability to implement and expand in all configurations, the Siemens HiPath 4000 communication server can support up to 15 directly connected and 83 IP-distributed access points. A single system can support a maximum of 12,000 digital or IP subscribers. A networked HP4000 system can implement up to 100,000 users without difficulty.

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