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Siemens Optipoint 500

The Siemens Optipoint 500 telephones are a range of digital phones that are compatible with Siemens HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000 systems and Siemens Hicom 150H and 300H. The Siemens Optipoint 500 range includes:

Optipoint 500 Entry - an entry-level, non-display, multi line business phone with eight programmable feature keys

Optipoint 500 Economy - an easy to use, display screen, multi line business phone with twelve programmable feature keys

Optipoint 500 Basic - a basic model with display screen and twelve programmable feature keys

Optipoint 500 Standard - display screen model with twelve programmable feature keys and full duplex speaker phone

Optipoint 500 Advance - backlit display screen model, with nineteen programmable feature keys (each allowing two functions), plus full duplex speaker phone

Siemens Optipoint telephones replaced the Siemens Optiset phones over ten years ago, giving a newer, more ergonomic style. MF Communications sells a full range of Siemens Optipoint 500 business phones and spare parts.

The Optipoint phones come in two colours, Arctic and Manganese.

If you are unable to find the Siemens Optipoint 500 business phone, accessories or spare parts below, please email or call us on +44 (0) 1892 514687 for assistance.

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