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The Siemens Hicom PBX System was a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses to large global enterprise networks. The first Siemens Hicom PBX system was the Hicom 300 in 1986.  This was followed in 1988 by the Hicom 200 and Hicom 100.

In the 1990s these three Siemens Hicom telephone systems changed from Hicom 300 to 300E, the Hicom 200 was replaced by the Hicom 150M, and the Hicom 100 became the Siemens Hicom 100E. 

Further changes followed in 1997 when the Hicom 100E and 150M were replaced by the Hicom 150E. Finally, the Siemens Hicom 150E and Hicom 300E developed into Hicom 150H and Hicom 300H before the Hicom telephone system was supersede by the Hipath PBX system.

Siemens Hipath business telephone systems are suitable for a variety of uses requiring anything from two to 500 extensions. The Siemens Hipath PBX system is ideal for companies wanting to invest in a communications platform that will embrace new technologies, such as VOiP (Voice over IP), whilst continuing to take advantage of traditional telecoms services such as ISDN. The Siemens HiPath range also enables connectivity to home workers, branch offices and new SIP trunk telephone service providers.

The Siemens Hipath business telephone system range includes Siemens HiPath 3000,  Siemens HiPath 4000, Siemens HiPath 5000 and Siemens HiPath DX.

In 2002, Siemens Communications split into two businesses - one for mobile networks & fixed networks, the other for Enterprise business.  In 2010, many of the Siemens systems became 'MD' (manufacturer discontinued).

MF Communications continue to supply companies around the world whose business continues to reply on operating legacy Siemens PBX systems. MF Communications fully remanufacture and thoroughly test all legacy PBX system parts and equipment. 

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