Telephone System Maintenance

Experienced, accredited and fully qualified telephone system engineers provide telephone system maintenance and phone system support to companies in the UK.  

Our in-house telephone system engineers provide expert knowledge and experience in keeping your telephone systems working for your business.

MF Communications offer telephone system maintenance for new and legacy PBX systems that are no longer in production or supported by the original manufacturer.

We can provide:

  • Business telephone systems maintenance and repair
  • Software updates or programming
  • System circuit boards (extension cord / trunk cord etc)
  • Replacement telephones
  • System check-ups
  • System upgrades
  • Remote system support
  • Bespoke Packages
  • Manufacturer qualified phone engineers
  • Phone Phreaking protection
  • 24/7 cover - where available
  • Parts for legacy systems

MF Communications has an in-house team of experienced and fully qualified telephone system engineers providing system maintenance and telephone system repairs on a wide range of telephone systems including Siemens system maintenance and support for Siemens Hipath, Siemens Hicom and Siemens Open Office.  We also offer telephone maintenance and support for Meridian Norstar, BT Meridian Norstar and Nortel Meridian BCM. MF Communications also provides experienced and qualified NEC telephone system repairs, system maintenance, management and support.

As experienced business telecoms solutions suppliers and engineers, MF Communications provide you with a cost effective solution to manage, support and maintain your business telecommunications systems.

Does your existing telephone system need a service or upgrade?

MF Communications understands that a new business telephone system is not always the right solution. If your current telephone system suits your business needs, why change it?

We can provide:

  • Regular system maintenance to help extend the life of your current telephone system
  • Software and hardware upgrades to allow your business telephone system to work alongside new technologies
  • Remanufactured parts and additional business phones for legacy systems that are no longer available to buy new

Why have a telephone system maintenance & repair agreement for your business telephone system?

You rely on your business telecoms solutions, and while your telephone system is down, so is your business.  While you are 'closed for business' you could be losing potential customers to your competitors.

MF Communications work closely with our clients to offer bespoke support that best suits your business needs.

What we offer:

  • One-off callouts
  • Tailored system maintenance and service packages
  • Emergency fault fixing
  • Business continuity

If you would like to discuss how MF Communications can provide system maintenance support for your business telephone systems please call us on 01892 514687 and ask to speak with one of our UK business managers.

Do you have a fault on your business telephone system?

Click here to report line & phone system faults using our online form. We will do all we can to help.

Are you moving offices and want to take your old system with you?

Our engineers will come to your office to de-install your current system for you. Within a certain geographical range, we will also re-install the system at your new office.

We Provide:

  • In-house Demo Suite
  • Fully accredited Siemens, NEC & Unify installers & maintainer
  • NEC System Engineers
  • Siemens / Unify System Engineers
  • Meridian Norstar System Engineers

Benefits of a package with MF Communications:

  • Software Support
  • Programming
  • System installation
  • Handset supply
  • 365 day support - where available
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Nationwide engineer
  • Support for equipment no longer manufactured
  • 15 Years of professional experience
  • Once a year site visit to service system

If you would like to discuss how MF Communications can provide telephone system maintenance support for your telephone system, please email or call us on 01892 514687 and ask to speak with one of our UK business managers.

Having trouble with your line or phone system?

If you are currently experiencing a line fault or having a problem with your phone system or handsets, please complete the form below or call 01892 501376, and a member of our team will contact you straight back (mainland UK only).