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What to do if my system is no longer supported

End-of-Life Telephone System Support
Telephone system no longer supported

While manufacturers continue to move forward, continually bringing new products and updates to the market, you may not wish to update your network. There will be many different reasons for this. The cost of replacing a whole network isn’t cheap. So, what are your options if your system is no longer supported by the manufacturer?

Any reputable telecoms company should be able to offer advise on what services and options are available to you and give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. Never feel pressured into making a decision. Getting your telecommunications solution right can be key to a successful future service as you may have expansion plans or strategy changes that require your telephony solution to be flexible.

While manufacturers and other telecoms companies stop their support, MF Communications continue to supply high quality remanufactured and new products for declared end-of-life systems. As a supplier of both new and obsolete telephone systems, business phones, mobile, data and carrier grade core networks and other telecoms equipment, MF Communications provide products and support to businesses in over 125 countries worldwide.

Our reputation has been built on providing quality products and exceptional customer support. Whether offering advice or answering simple user questions, we are always available to help support and maintain your telephone system.

Customers know and trust us to supply fully tested and guaranteed telecoms network spares that can help them to support their end-of-life equipment until such time as they are able or want to upgrade.

Our extensive range of second-user telecoms equipment has been completely remanufactured by our specialist in-house team. Our remanufactured products and parts provide the same performance, one-year warranty and support options as brand new equipment bought directly from the manufacturer.

Our rigorous remanufacturing process complies with ISO standards and guarantees equipment has come from a trusted and reliable source. We screen all equipment to ensure there are no counterfeits and all equipment is fully verified, with a tracked product service history.

If we can help you in any way, please call us on +44 1892 514687 or get in touch by email by completing our contact form.