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Avaya CS1000 hardware phase out - MF Communications

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Do you support customers with Avaya CS1000 hardware?

From June this year, many parts for the Avaya CS1000 systems will no longer be available direct from the manufacturer.

Avaya CS1000E IP-PBX systems will not be affected. These will use the 10-slot MG1010 Gateway chassis (NTC310). The older 4-slot MG1000 (NTDU14) chassis and Option 11 Wall Mount Chassis (NTAK11) will be discontinued.

The 4/8 unit ISDN PRI gateway (NTDW77) will be discontinued, as will integrated applications such as Call Assistant, Call Director and Conference Bridge.

For a full list of discontinued parts and hardware, please call us.

Installers and maintainers need to consider how much service stock they currently hold and how much they need to enable them to continue supporting their customers.

MF Communications is a recognised supplier of fully remanufactured Avaya hardware, PBX systems and business phones. We can help you maintain and support your Avaya systems. We can help you with your Avaya service stock.

All our equipment is remanufactured to as-new standard. This follows a strict procedure of testing, replacement of old or worn parts and re-testing. Find out more about the remanufacturing process on the MF Communications website.

The CS1000 (formerly Nortel Communication Server 1000) is a business communication system designed for mid to large sized companies. It offers a scalable solution, whilst seamlessly integrating with Microsoft and IBM applications.

MF Communications can supply you with a wide range of equipment and spares for CS1000 system.

The Nortel Avaya CS1000 is a full featured, highly scalable IP communications system that meets business needs from as few as 48 extensions. There are two available options of the system: the CS1000E and the CS1000M.  Both support IP, digital and analogue phones and employ an open architecture system, which will allow third party integration.  Each sport over 750 telephony features and boast a high level of security for protection of its users. The resilience of the CS1000 systems ensures that networks remain stable and operational.