Avaya Nortel Legacy Telecoms Equipment a Sound Option for Enterprise Communications

Enterprise telephony, which includes PBX hardware, IP solutions and Unified Communications, suffered a revenue decline of 10% in the first quarter of 2014. Analyst Alan Weckel, of Dell’Oro, predicts this decline to rise to as much as 20% in the next three years.

This comes as business communications providers push towards cloud-based solutions in favour of traditional telephony offerings. However, the move to the cloud is easier for small to medium sized businesses than it is for larger enterprises. When taking into account scalability and an internal IT infrastructure, plus a large number of voice channels, the move to cloud-based solutions is not so easy.

Companies like Avaya Nortel are making it possible for large enterprises to continue operating existing telephony hardware, whilst working with them to implement solutions for cloud-based technology. These enterprises recognise that cloud hosting is a long-term solution, one they need to make plans for to incorporate into their mainframe IT structures, regardless of whether they plan for its immediate use.

Avaya’s purchase of Nortel’s Enterprise Solutions business in 2009 was a move to strengthen its business communications, as well as enable Avaya to compete on a global scale in the area of enterprise communications. Working with partner companies, Avaya provides cloud communication options that work alongside current solutions.

Many companies continue to operate PBX telecoms hardware, long after the discontinuation of their equipment by the manufacturer. Recognising this need, MF Communications has been providing Avaya legacy equipment for 15 years. Businesses can purchase telephones, PBX systems and hardware from MF Communications. All come fully remanufactured and restored to an as-new condition.

As Avaya Nortel itself recognises, larger enterprises still find the benefit of hardware over software. Its legacy equipment encompasses not only Avaya, but Nortel hardware too. The Nortel brand was a firm favourite amongst PBX users, due to its reliability. As an example of this popularity, MF Communications recently supplied legacy hardware for Avaya Blue (previously Nortel) to the value of £35,000 to a vendor in Asia.

More information on other Avaya and Avaya Nortel equipment for sale is available on the MF Communications website.