Buying cheaper telecoms hardware doesn’t always mean you’re getting a better deal

Don’t just buy your telecoms hardware products on price.

Remanufactured telecoms hardware products - MF Communications

The telecoms hardware market is competitive. Despite many businesses moving to cloud-based systems, many still use traditional telephone systems and demand for their associated phones and parts is high.

Not all businesses are in the position of changing their telephone system, but at the same time, many operate systems that are no longer produced by the manufacturer.

It’s companies like MF Communications that keep the systems of these companies up and running. By supplying quality telecoms hardware, including phones, these obsolete systems can be kept running for years.

Do a Google search for a particular phone or system part and you’re likely to come up with a lengthy list of suppliers. What sets them apart from each other though? How do you choose who to buy from?

At MF Communications, if you buy a phone, or any telecoms hardware product, you can be assured of a certain quality, backed up with a guarantee.

Refurbishing and remanufacturing does not mean giving the product a quick wipe.

MF Communications carries out a comprehensive and rigorous remanufacturing process that complies with ISO standards. It guarantees equipment has come from a trusted and reliable source and equipment screening ensures there are no counterfeits.

Products are cleaned and reconditioned to as-new status, replacing casings, hand pieces, buttons, and DESI strips, as required.

Firmware and hardware upgrades bring the product up to date with the latest version.

MF Communications applies strict quality assurance standards to which all remanufactured equipment must comply. Periodic audits ensure these standards are constantly adhered to. All equipment is tested a number of times in a controlled environment and comes fully verified, along with a tracked product service history.

This means you can buy remanufactured telecoms hardware from MF Communications with confidence.

It is the reason so many organisations come back to us for assistance with maintaining their telephone systems.

With 17 years’ experience in the telecoms hardware market, MF Communications has proved itself to be a reliable and reputable organisation, renowned for supplying quality products.

For more information about how we can help you, call 01892 514687 or send us an email.