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Meridian Phones

MF Communications stock a wide range of Meridian business phones and spare parts for the Meridian Option and Nortel CS1000 systems. What we don't stock, we can source from our vast global network of suppliers. So if you canot find the Mieridian phones or telephone system parts you are looking for, contact us and we will find them for you.

The Meridian Option M2616D - a performance-plus phone, for users who require multiple lines and who need a range of features. It has sixteen programmable feature keys and the ‘Display Queue’ key allows users to view the number of occupied agent positions, as well as the waiting time of the longest call in the queue and the total number of calls in the Times Overflow.

The Meridian Option M3310 - ideal for users who make frequent calls. The 2-line x 24 character graphic display allows for easy access to the wide range of features of this digital telephone, whilst users can configure the seven feature keys according to their requirements.

The Meridian Option M3820 - the most advanced telephone of the Meridian Option Orion range. Ideal for frequent callers, the M3820 is a popular choice for those who rely on a telephone that gives easy and quick access to their stored contacts.

The Meridian Option M3902 - a single line, digital, hands free telephone, ideal for areas of light telephone use, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses. The M3902 telephone has six fixed feature keys, with the addition of an options list for easy personalisation and access to the voice messaging system.

The Meridian Option M3904 - a multi-line, digital telephone, ideal for busy office environments with high call usage. It supports up to twelve lines and has a five-line by twenty four character display; the largest in its class. The M3904 allows creation of a directory for up to one hundred contacts on a PC and downloaded straight to the telephone.

The Meridian Option M3905 - a multi-line digital telephone, specifically designed for call centre environments. It supports up to seven lines and includes a four-line by twenty four character display and includes a direct-connect headset jack for agents and supervisors, a supervisor observe button for listening in and a listen and talk option. The M3905 telephone includes two adaptor slots for an analogue terminal adaptor & an external alerter & recording interface.

If you are unable to find the Meridian business phones and spare parts below, please email or call us on +44 (0) 1892 514687 for assistance.

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