MF Carrier LLP is launched

MF Communications carrier the sister company to MF Communications has launched there all new web site

MF Communications began its services in the telecom industry some 12 years ago providing services to the PBX industry supporting users, companies with maintenance contracts and even supplying its high grade quality refurbished phones back to the original manufacturers.

Some years later with MF Communications growing client base they developed there expertise and industry knowledge and began supporing there clients with there demand for core networking, switching and transmission equipment needs. MF Communications Carrier was then launched as a sister company to MF Communications. MF Communications Carrier keeps the same values as its sister company providing high quality refurbished equipment quickly and efficiently to a range of clients across the globe.

Keeping in the same brand line as its sister company MF Communications Carrier supports with equipment from Siemens, Nokia, Nortel, Avaya, Ericsson, Marconi, Lucent, Alcatel and more to other traders, support companies, operators and carriers all over the world.

MF Communications Carrier has worked closely with Voxit the web design specialists to enable its growing client base to see the full benefits there services can bring in supporting with refurbished equipment to help reduce costs whilst increasing a companies environmental aspects