MF Communications to change from LLP to LTD

In line with continued growth, MF Communications UK LLP will be changing to MF Communications Ltd, effective from 1st October 2015.

How will this change affect things?

The change will make no difference whatsoever to the way the company operates. It is merely a reflection of MF Communications’ growth over the last few years. The only difference you will see is in the name.

Celebrating 15 years in the telecoms industry, MF Communications continues to grow from strength to strength. In fact, August this year saw a record number of shipments of phones and parts to countries worldwide, taking the total number of countries dealt with to over 100.

Having expanded the team of engineers, warehouse operatives, project managers, marketers, sales executives and administrators, this makes MF Communications well placed to offer an array of top quality services for the business communications industry. These include:

• Low cost line rental, including analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 and leased lines, as well as business mobile contracts and broadband
• Hosted solutions including VoIP platforms
• Installation/de-installation and recycling of PBX telephone systems, upgrading (hardware and software), maintenance and support and fault-finding
• Support to operators, utility companies and large organisations with core networking solutions, access and switching

And we won’t stop there!

Future growth of MF Communications will look towards strategic acquisitions of small to mid-level telecoms companies to add further value to the business telecoms solutions arm of the company. Interested parties should contact Mr James Donovan for more information:

“We are looking at strategic acquisitions in the UK telecoms market, particularly companies offering business telecoms’ solutions such as system maintenance, data, mobile and voice connections. The aim is to retain and grow the existing customer base, so as to maximise the value of the acquisition for both the seller and the customer.”