Ofcom Narrowband Market Review

Regulator of the UK communications industry, Ofcom, recently published its Narrowband Market Review report having undertaken an 18 month consultation process. The report highlights changes to regulation within the telecoms industry which came in to play on 1st February 2014. The impact of these changes is now just beginning to come in to effect.

What will be affected?

The new regulation concerns charges made by carrier companies for calls routed through their networks and will, therefore, affect all UK fixed line national and local calls, as well as NGN numbers.

Ofcom has declared that carriers should not charge for calls coming inbound to a network, therefore the cost of processing inbound calls and routing them on has to be added to the cost of handling outbound calls. To compensate for this, main line carrier pre-selection (CPS) operators, such as BT, have increased call costs for local, national and NGN calls.

What does this mean for me?

Some of our customers may see a small rise in call prices, reflecting these changes. But MF Communications can continue to guarantee cost efficient communications for your business, saving you money in other areas, such as line rental, servicing and maintenance.