Realising the value of your legacy telecoms equipment

When it comes to getting rid of legacy telecoms equipment, businesses don’t often consider what will happen to it or where it will end up.

Realising the value of legacy telecoms equipment

Very few UK businesses have a policy for dealing with surplus equipment and most electronic waste ends up in landfill. Many companies fail to realise the potential value of their unwanted telecoms hardware in terms of remanufacture or re-sale.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, in the UK we throw away 2 million tonnes of electronic waste every year. There are an estimated 90 million redundant mobile phones in the UK. However, under the WEEE, you can no longer throw away your old and unwanted hardware. Both producers and importers are responsible for financing the collection, treatment and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (Reference: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/EC, as amended by 2003/108/EC).

MF Communications is BS EN ISO 14001 compliant and therefore an accredited environmentally responsible organisation. This demonstrates a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of waste through recycling.

MF Communications regularly decommissions legacy telecoms equipment, including complete phone systems. A recent project involved removing an existing Alcatel telephone system, including phones, from a large UK based Law Firm with multiple locations. The company were upgrading their system and needed a staged collection.

We work closely with our clients to enable them to reduce environmental impact. With the help of MF Communications, your business can continue to grow, whilst keeping costs and your carbon footprint down. If you would like to recycle your legacy telecoms equipment, but are unsure how, talk to us about it.

Depending on the quality of the decommissioned equipment, we will refurbish or remanufacture it, in order to sell as second-user equipment. To encourage businesses to recycle their legacy telecoms equipment in this way, we have a Recycle and Upgrade scheme that allows you to recycle your current business phone system and receive up to £995 towards a new one.

Phones and phone systems below our high quality standards are broken down for spare parts or recycled following the WEEE Directive.

Our comprehensive and rigorous remanufacturing process complies with ISO standards and guarantees equipment has come from a trusted and reliable source. We screen all equipment to ensure there are no counterfeits and all equipment is fully verified, with a tracked product service history.

MF Communications has an extensive range of telecoms equipment that has been completely remanufactured by our specialist team. All hardware has the same performance, one year warranty and support options as brand new equipment bought directly from the manufacturer.

Could now be the time to upgrade your old telephone system?

With manufacturers discontinuing old models or pulling out of the UK market, now is the perfect time to look into upgrading your business phone system.

MF Communications offer a complete suite of business telecoms solutions and can provide your company with a system health check, offering free advice on whether your current system is best serving your business needs. Call us on 01892 514687 and ask to talk to one of our UK business managers.