The Alcatel Lucent 4039 Digital Phone and the Alcatel Lucent 4038EE IP Touch Phone

Alcatel Lucent 4039 Digital Phone

Alcatel Lucent 4039 Digital Phones available - MF Communications

The Alcatel Lucent 4039 phone is a digital phone and the third in the Alcatel Lucent 9-series. Versatile, robust and stylish, the Alcatel-Lucent 9-series telephones combine high-quality audio with user-friendly features. A popular choice for companies who already have a traditional telephony structure in place, the Alcatel Lucent 4039 is both easy to install and relocate.

Features of the Alcatel Lucent 4039 phone include a six-line, graphical display screen and a four-way directional navigator. The ten programmable soft keys help users access the key features of the telephone, as well as providing access to the large system menu. For further ease of use, there is a QWERTY keyboard.

The Alcatel Lucent 4039 provides hands-free listening, along with a comfort handset and a headset jack.

Ideal for general office use, the Alcatel Lucent 4039 is available from MF Communications fully refurbished and with a one-year warranty.

Alcatel Lucent 4038EE IP Touch Phone


The Alcatel Lucent 4038EE IP Touch Phone is ideal for a professional level of use, designed for any modern IP office. A user-friendly IP touch telephone, the 4038EE is the third phone in the Alcatel Lucent 8-series.

Features include a four-line, greyscale LCD display screen, six programmable soft keys, and a four-directional navigator key. These features allow users easy access to the large system menu and traditional telephony features such as voicemail and redial. PC access is possible, with the addition of two Ethernet ports.

Equipped for hands-free listening, the Alcatel Lucent 4038EE also has a comfort handset with soft grip, as well as hearing aid compatibility and volume controls.

The inclusion of wideband audio gives the 4038EE Phone the highest quality listening and sound levels.

The Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4038EE Phone (part number 3GV27061TB) is available from MF Communications, fully tested and remanufactured as new.

MF Communications stocks a wide range of Alcatel-Lucent business phones. In addition to new products, we provide a full warranty and support with all remanufactured and refurbished phones, parts and spares.

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