Unify call time on their OpenStage HFA business phones

Openstage HFA products declared end-of-life? No problem, talk to MF Communications.

Phase out of Unify Openstage HFA products - MF Communications

Unify (formerly Siemens) has announced the phase-out of a number of their OpenStage HFA products.

What does this mean for anyone operating a network using Unify Openstage telephones, requiring support with spare parts and maintenance?

The is where MF Communications comes in.

We have been supporting businesses operating end-of-life telecoms equipment for almost 20 years.

We understand it is not always possible, or cost-effective, to upgrade to a new system just because the manufacturer has declared your existing one obsolete.

Our business has a solid reputation for providing exceptionally high-quality business phones and system spares, including Unify OpenStage HFA phones, to help keep your telephone system up and running.

Our comprehensive and rigorous refurbishing process complies with ISO standards and guarantees equipment has come from a trusted and reliable source. We screen all equipment to ensure there are no counterfeits and everything is fully verified, with a tracked product service history.

The affected phones are:
OpenStage 15 HFA ice blue and lava
OpenStage 15 G HFA ice blue and lava
OpenStage 40 HFA ice blue and lava
OpenStage 40 G HFA ice blue and lava
OpenStage 60 HFA ice blue and lava
OpenStage 60 G HFA ice blue and lava

The phase-out includes all sales activities and means Unify will no longer support new service contracts. Existing rental and service contracts will be terminated on expiry.

You can no longer order the OpenStage HFA business phones listed above from Unify (as of November 2018).

Hardware and development support will cease on the 1st November 2021, whilst spare parts support will end on 6th November 2023.

At MF Communications, we pride ourselves on performing rigorous procedures that ensure all hardware has the same performance, one year warranty and support options as brand new equipment bought directly from the manufacturer.

You can be assured that anything carrying the MF Communications name and logo comes with the quality associated with a genuine certified refurbishment process.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with support for your existing Unify OpenStage needs.