5G What’s That? I Haven’t Even Got 4G Yet

Keeping up with mobile technology advances

The UK population are just starting to warm to the idea of 4G and its benefits. But now we’re starting to hear talk of 5G. Japan is already piloting 5G and the EU has just joined forces with South Korea to coordinate their research. This is big news for the EU, as agreeing radio band standards with South Korea will avoid incompatibility within the regions. Going forward this could help Europe to stay ahead of the technology game.

So what does 5G promise?

Superfast downloading at speeds 1000 times faster than that of 4G
Bringing together wireless technologies, such as vehicles, smart road grids, buildings and health centres
The possibility of ‘smart’ cities

When EE rolled out 4G in October 2012 to 11 major UK cities they virtually had the market share. But since then O2 and Vodafone have offered their customers 4G and Three has followed suit.

EE now covers more than 2,500 small towns and villages near to the 200 major cities they provide 4G coverage to. But despite 72% of the population having access to 4G, initial uptake has been slow. The majority of customers have remained on 3G, despite download speeds of up to 7 times faster with 4G. However, EE’s uptake of 4G has started to accelerate after recent price cuts and the offer of pay as you go packages.

So despite the slow response to 4G, we are already looking towards the next generation. But it is early days still. Research is in its infancy and it will be at least 2020 before we see anything rolled out to the masses in the UK.

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