UK Telephone Numbers and Codes – Prefixes Explained

The UK telecommunications market is saturated with different types of telephone numbers. From the standard UK National and Local numbers beginning with 01 or 02 etc. to the Premium 09 numbers. If you are confused about why there are different numbers and what each is for, then read our guide:

0800 / 0808 Freephone numbers

Calls to destinations with telephone numbers beginning with 0800 or 0808 are free from UK landlines. It is the receiver of the call, the owner of the Freephone number, who gets billed for the call. You cannot call 0800 or 0808 destinations free of charge if calling from a mobile.

0845 Numbers

Calls to 0845 are chargeable from both UK landlines and UK mobiles. The receiver of the call does not pay any fee.

0844 Numbers

Like 0845, calls to 0844 numbers are chargeable from both UK landlines and mobiles. However, the receiver of the calls usually gets a rebate of a few pence from the network.

0870 Numbers

Calls to 0870 numbers are chargeable from both UK landlines and UK mobiles. Calls from a UK landline are generally cheaper to 0870 numbers than the rest of the 08 number ranges. The receiver of the calls also gets billed, as with a Freephone number.

0300 numbers

The 0300 number range was created for mobile friendly use; when calling from a mobile the minutes used are taken out of the customer’s monthly bundle rather than charged separately. Calls to 0300 numbers are charged at a local rate from both UK landlines and UK Mobiles.

0900 Numbers

Calls to 0900 numbers are very expensive and are usually for game show entries etc. The receiver of the call is given a rebate for the calls and also needs a licence from Ofcom to operate.

There are a few other ranges available that are not so common, such as 0500. For more info please read the following link:

*Call charges vary as they are set by your call network provider.