Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) telecom networking equipment from MF Communications

Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) telecom networking equipment - MF Communications

The demand for legacy telecom networking equipment still exists. Earlier this year, we successfully completed de-commissioning of a large Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) Evolium™ 1000 E10 OCB283 Switch from a national operator in Europe. Following the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) declaring this product “Maintenance Services End of Life”, we have been contacted by many operators and service providers for hardware support. Recently we won a tender to supply spare parts to a national operator within Asia to the value of $90,000.

The Nokia Evolium™ 1000 E10 OCB283 is a former Alcatel switch based on RCX technology. The 1000 E10 OCB283 NMC, or “OCB283 FIXE NMC” is the management software for the switch.

Also known as the E10, the Nokia Evolium has a modular architecture structure whereby the system functions are distributed over its component modules. This means in addition to being reliable and dependable, the system can easily adapt and be expanded or upgraded when needed, making it ideal for evolving networks.

Telecom network de-installation and decommission

With the deployment of new telecom networking technologies, older legacy networks are becoming more expensive to operate and maintain. Taking a sustainable and responsible approach to asset disposal, de-installation of communication networks is becoming more common within the telecoms industry.

MF Communications provides an Asset Management and Recovery service, involving the removal and re-sale and/or disposal of your surplus telecom networking equipment. Our aim is to provide the maximum available return on your investment, allowing you to free up valuable space.

We aim to recover maximum residual value from your new and used networking equipment. This may be through resale, reuse or recycling depending on the market value of the equipment.

What we do:

  • Decommission and remove your telecom network equipment
  • Make a full inventory – identifying each piece of equipment by OEM part number, serial number and hardware release
  • Market your equipment to our wide network of customers spanning over 100 countries
  • Obtain the best market valuations of the equipment

With an experienced team of de-installation engineers, we are able to safely and efficiently recover telecoms equipment ranging from a single BTS to a full switch site clearance. We can also store the equipment until sold or recycled.

MF Communications supplies new and used telecom network equipment and spare parts to organisations, including fixed and mobile telephone operators and carriers, data centres and governments.

All our new and refurbished telecom network equipment is supplied with a warranty and available to ship worldwide. For more information, help or to order call +44 (0)1892 514687 or email us.