Remanufactured Avaya telephones from MF Communications, inlcuding the Avaya 1230 telephone

We have recently completed a large de-installation of over 3000 Avaya IP phones from a multisite operation in London. The models include Avaya 1120e, 1140e and Avaya 1230 telephones. All will be remanufactured to “like new” quality.

If you require replacement Avaya IP phones, you can be confident in ordering high-quality models from us, complete with a full warranty for added reassurance. We support organisations operating obsolete telecoms hardware, allowing users to maintain equipment associated with their PBX systems. This includes telephones, PBX spares and all associated accessories.

Our remanufacturing process

All equipment is remanufactured with new parts and tested a number of times in a controlled environment. MF Communications is BS EN ISO 14001 compliant as being an environmentally responsible organisation. All parts are responsibly sourced and recycled where appropriate. We perform diagnostic, functional, and network traffic system testing on all remanufactured products. This includes safety and regulatory tests.

Quality assurance certified

MF Communications applies strict quality assurance standards to which all remanufactured equipment must comply. Periodic audits ensure these standards are constantly adhered to.

  • Cleaning: all equipment is cleaned and initially assessed. Removal of old labels occurs, as well as fasteners and panels. Casings are cleaned or replaced as applicable
  • Screening: all equipment undergoes thorough screening and physical testing at various stages of the process
  • Upgrades: software and hardware upgrades ensure all remanufactured models comply with later release equipment
  • Restoration: each unit is returned to its default settings, with removal of previous owner information
  • Testing: diagnostic, functional, and network traffic system tests carried out at every step of the process
  • Repair: replacement of faulty components and boards occurs where applicable before further testing to assess function
  • Packaging: all remanufactured equipment comes re-boxed, as new, placed in a sealed, protective shipping box ready for delivery, complete with a one year warranty

Avaya 1120e IP phone - MF Communications

The Avaya IP phone 1120E is a four-line intermediate-level desktop IP telephone that is compatible with the CS1000, Option 11 and BCM systems. Ideally suited for office workers and administrative personnel, it can be desk or wall mounted and the five-position adjustable foot stand of this telephone make for a sleek and ergonomic design.

Avaya 1140e IP phone - MF Communications

The Avaya 1140E IP phone (part number NTYS05) is a multi-line professional-level desktop IP phone that supports the Nortel Communications Server and standards-based SIP. Compatible with the CS1000, Option 11 and BCM systems, it is ideally suited for office workers and administrative personnel.

Avaya 1230 IP phone - MF Communications

The Avaya 1230 telephone is a high quality speakerphone that connects directly to a Local Area Network (LAN) through an Ethernet connection, bringing voice and data to the desktop. Features include four context-sensitive soft keys, six specialised fixed keys and six fixed call processing keys to give a host of traditional telephony features such as hands free, redial, on hold and conference.

Contact MF Communications

If you require replacement phones, parts of hardware spares, please contact MF Communications, or call now, on 01892 514687 to speak to one of our telecoms advisors.

Similarly, if you require assistance with a de-installation, we can help you. Not only can we remove your old telephone system and its associated hardware, we can help you find the right replacement system to suit your business. Contact us to discuss your requirements.