Asset Management for Redundant Telecoms Equipment

At MF Communications, we operate an Asset Management and Recovery scheme, to help organisations realise the value of their existing telecoms equipment.

asset management of your surplus telecoms equipment - MF Communications

Free up space by having any obsolete, legacy or unwanted telecoms equipment removed.

By doing this, you will ensure any surplus-to-requirement equipment is disposed of in the most responsible way. It is also an ideal way to generate an additional income for the business, which offers greater financial return compared to scrapping costs.

MF Communications will help you achieve the right price for your redundant equipment through our global contacts. This additional revenue could enable you to purchase new business phones or a telephone system.

We will provide a full inventory of your business telecoms equipment. Following this, the equipment is cleaned and boxed into brand new packaging. You have the option of keeping the equipment with you, or we can store it at our warehouse facility, free of charge.

You can opt for us to hold some of the stock and act as a distribution point using our experience in worldwide deliveries to ensure a maximum reach. You can also choose to keep hold of your surplus stock and we will work with you in order to maximise sales. Both options will lead to a profitable outcome for all.

We will market and sell the equipment on your behalf.

At MF Communications, we work with companies to tailor the service, and how it is delivered, to suit your specific requirements.

We have recently worked with companies in Denmark and Italy, where our asset management service has been extremely successful.

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We are all responsible for looking after our planet and supporting a circular economy, one which aims to restore and regenerate, assuring products, components and materials remain at their highest value.