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All equipment is remanufactured with new parts and tested a number of times in a controlled environment.

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While manufacturers and other suppliers focus on new equipment, MF Communications understands there are many good business reasons to keep an end-of-life telephone system in operation.

Long after a manufacturer has ceased to provide end-of-life support we continue to support all systems by providing high quality remanufactured and refurbished business phones, telephone systems and parts to companies all over the world.

We have been supplying new and high quality remanufactured and refurbished business phones, telephone systems and parts since August 2000; and in doing so, we have built a strong reputation for high-quality products, support and excellent customer service to businesses in over 125 countries.

All our remanufactured parts are rigorously tested and come with a full one-year warranty

Our quality refurbishing and remanufacturing process ensures we are able to supply telephone system parts, spares and business phones you can rely on to keep your whole telecommunications system in operation for as long as you need it to.

Our reputation for quality and attention to detail extends worldwide. Customers know and trust us to supply fully tested and guaranteed telecoms equipment. MF Communications applies strict quality assurance standards to which all remanufactured equipment must comply and is BS EN ISO 14001 compliant as being an environmentally responsible organisation. All parts are responsibly sourced and recycled where appropriate.

Wherever you are, whatever the size, MF Communications will support your business

We were recently approached by a National Avaya & Unify accredited partner looking to expand their product portfolio. They were looking to partner with an established telecoms equipment supplier with a large product and services portfolio. It was important that they were selling on high quality products, as they had a strong reputation to protect. MF Communications was able to deliver the products and services and reassurances by way of a partnership agreement.

Through our highly vetted and respected global network, MF Communications provides global end-of-life support through local reputable partners.

Where applicable, we can mirror image our offering and give our customers the resource of an established and successful multi-vendor telecoms supplier, with hardly any of the set-up fees or infrastructure costs. Our global partners can provide local support, while offering our products and the full support of our sales, marketing and warehouse team.

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