Test and Repair Services

At MF Communications, we understand it can be more cost-effective to keep your existing system in operation.

Test and Repair Service from MF Communications

Our expertise in the telecoms industry means we have in-depth knowledge of telephone systems and experienced engineers who can carry out an assessment for you. Our priority is to provide customers with the best solution. One that is in your interest.

The Test and Repair Service from MF Communications explores whether continuing to run your existing telephone system is a viable option for you.

A Test and Repair Service is the first port of call.

We don’t believe in upgrading or changing a system just for the sake of it, or because the manufacturer has declared the system end-of-life. It can be more cost-effective to repair what you already have, as opposed to replacing or buying new.

The parts you need aren’t available on the market place at the time you need them.

When a manufacturer declares a product end-of-life, they put a time limit on when they will stop providing spare parts or supporting that system. Beyond that, you are left to your own devices if you want to continue running it.

MF Communications recognises that many companies are happy operating an older PBX phone system while it continues to offer what the business needs. But you will need a reliable company to offer parts and support for your end-of-life (EOL) or legacy PBX system.

We source and supply new, refurbished and remanufactured PBX telephone system parts.

By supplying current and legacy hardware to small, medium and large companies in over 125 countries, we have built up a reputation for excellent quality products and customer service, good lead times and a wide range of stock availability.

Access to specialised testing labs.

This allows us to test most telecoms products, as well as optical and networking products. We can also upgrade firmware and software for you, provided it is in line with your licence agreements.

All products are fully tested, come with a full warranty and can be delivered worldwide.

We have a network of experienced electrical engineers, telecoms engineers and repair technicians, capable of diagnosing problems and repairing all products.

We offer our Test and Repair service as an option to all our clients alongside supplying remanufactured products and legacy equipment. In a recent consultation, one of our clients requested a hardware replacement for a key component which was a high-cost item. Although we were in a position to provide the replacement, we investigated the possible repair. After discussions with our engineers, a repair solution was agreed and the customer was able to save a considerable amount of expenditure. Not only had the repair cost less than the replacement, but we also helped to extend the life of the client’s system, providing further cost savings. All our repair work is guaranteed.

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