Business 2+ New Product From Openreach

Business 2+ New Product From Openreach.

Openreach are due to release a new product on the 22nd Of September 2014.

Business 2 Plus will result in all Single Premium PSTN lines (Business grade analogue phone lines) being automatically upgraded to Business 2+ lines, with the following features:

  • Smart divert as standard (can divert to any UK, fixed, mobile or 0800 number plus some overseas numbers, ‘Divert to’ number can be changed remotely, no one off connection charge and no on-going rental)
  • Business 2 Plus prioritised repair Service Maintenance Level (Openreach are targeting an enhanced repair standard of 80-85% of faults fixed in service level)
  • Reduced cost of more focused appointments, two new appointment slots (late morning 10-12noon & early afternoon 2-4pm)
  • Named Engineer (currently in trial): provides the engineer’s name 48 hours in advance of the provisioned appointment.

The business 2+ Service will have an added charge to customer’s line rental of £0.75 per month. All Single Premium Analogue lines will upgrade to Business 2+ on the 22nd Of September 2014. We will not charge our customers for this service until the 1st of November 2014 to give them enough time to downgrade the service if requested.

As stated above if our customers do not want the Business 2+ Service on the line they can downgrade the line to a Basic line. There is one off charge of £3.80 to downgrade the service to a Basic line.

By downgrading the line from a Single Premium line to a Single Basic line this will also downgrade the associated care level to Service Maintenance Level 1 (end of Next Working Day + 1) i.e. fault is fixed on the second valid working day after fault is reported between Monday & Friday.