Phone hacking – Are you prepared?

MF Communications is offering ECR (Exceptional call reporting) from September 2014

When you hear about phone hacking what do you think of? For the majority of people it is the ‘News of the World’ journalists, who listened in to voicemails of celebrities after hacking their mobile phones.

However, are you aware of a different type of phone hacking which is costing UK businesses billions of pounds in lost revenue?

Known as ‘Toll Fraud’ or ‘Phone Phreaking’ it is becoming increasingly more common. Unfortunately, though, through lack of publicity, many businesses are still unaware of the dangers and the risks.

MF Communications will soon be launching its ‘Exceptional Call Reporting’ service or ECR. Our customers will need to opt out of the ECR feature if they do not wish to have this service applied to their account. ECR will monitor calls for any sign of fraudulent activity. In the event of an attack to a customer’s PBX telephone system, we will cover from £250.00 to £5000.00 per instance i.e. per call.

The ECR service will commence from 1st September 2014. MF Communications is offering this service free for the 1st month to give customers enough time to opt out should they wish to. Charges for the ECR service from 1st October 2014 are £1.49 per channel / line. This service applies to all channels / lines that the customer has on their account.

MF Communications are proud to be one of the first Network Service providers to offer ECR.

We will soon send a letter to all of our customers to make them aware of this fantastic new service, as well as details on how to opt out. However, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this service that we are offering. There is a huge risk of toll fraud to all users, even those who do not have a telephone system: there have been instances of single analogue lines being hacked at exchange level. We therefore feel it is very important for our customers to protect themselves against telephony fraud.

Full liability for any telephony fraud lies with the customer if they choose to opt out of the ECR service. This cover can help limit your liability and provide some peace of mind.

Please contact the office on 01892514687 or if you require any information regarding toll fraud or our new ECR service.

For more information about the risk and repercussions of ‘toll fraud’, see the links below.