Changing Broadband Supplier

Recent research by Ofcom highlights areas of customer service requiring improvement, in particular, broadband provision and contracts. According to Ofcom, consumers aren’t being given enough information to help them compare deals, contracts aren’t always clear or fair and handling of complaints is often poor. When it comes to switching providers, consumers tend to find this process difficult and confusing, especially when having to obtain a migration authorisation code (MAC) from an existing provider to give to the new supplier. Ofcom feel this deters consumers from switching suppliers, even though they could be getting a better deal elsewhere.

In order to open up the competition between broadband providers, Ofcom have made changes to the way consumers switch. The new process puts the responsibility of changeover in the hands of the new supplier, with protection for consumers against ‘slamming’ where suppliers switch without their consent. Ofcom have also put together a code of practice regarding broadband speeds. This should allow customers to leave their contracts should broadband speeds drop below an acceptable level.

In the UK, 80% of adults have a fixed or mobile broadband contract, with average speeds of around 30Mbit/s. Fixed broadband services, although widely available, need only to deliver a speed of 128Kbit/s to qualify as broadband. However, a typical household needs 10Mbit/s speed in order to access popular online services and benefit from living in a digital society. Ofcom claim that 8% of households in the UK fall below this threshold, with 2% unable to receive even the basic 2Mbit/s.

Ofcom’s aim is that by 2017, superfast broadband will be available to 95% of households and 82% of small and medium sized businesses. This will provide speeds of at least 30Mbit/s.

As a supplier of business telecom’s solutions, including broadband, MF Communications say customers often come to them because they’ve been unhappy with their existing supplier. In line with Ofcom recommendations, the company ethos at MF Communications has always been about offering a high standard of customer service in everything they do. Dedicated line managers handle everything from changeover and installation to ongoing support and customers have access to a direct support line. When it comes to broadband, a range of services are available and customers can choose a package to suit their business needs. The service is reliant and resilient and someone is always available to speak to, should any issues arise. This means that changing over your broadband supplier is easy, with no effect on existing business operations.

The level of commitment to supporting their customers shows in the feedback received. Here are just a few examples of what MF Communications’ customers say about them:

“All staff are supportive, professional and easy to talk to. As a telecoms company who support my broadband, the service has been first class and I have never lost internet in the seven months of being a customer. I would highly recommend MF Communications.”

“MF Communications are fantastic. A hugely dynamic and approachable team. They set us up efficiently and with company phones and mobile phones. They are always happy to help and no problem is too small or too big for them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for telecom services.”

“MF Communications are a fantastic company to work with – attentive and professional service and very competitive prices – would highly recommend them to anyone!”

“Could not be happier, your company exceeded expectation from the initial inquiry right through to the installation. Your staff we helpful, polite and keen to resolve our issues.”

Contact MF Communications for help changing your broadband supplier. MF Communications are also a member of the Governments Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme that offers up to £3000 to eligible small to medium sized businesses towards the cost of installing superfast broadband. Find out if you qualify.