The Importance of Customer Service

Talk Talk recently came under fire for their customer service, or lack of it. An article in the Telegraph highlighted a number of failings, including customers being forced to pay for both phone line and broadband, even if they didn’t need both. Others cited sudden changes to their bills, with previously free calls being charged for without prior warning. Those committed to contracts they weren’t happy with, felt trapped due to difficulties contacting the right people through customer services. They also felt fobbed off, by being referred to different people and never getting anywhere.

These experiences highlight why companies like MF Communications choose not to use Call Centres. Their belief is that customers should not have to speak to individuals who don’t know them or their business needs. They believe in personally looking after their clients and as experienced telecoms experts, they understand that communication is one of the most important aspects of any business. Having the right communications channels and being able to use them is crucial.

At MF Communications, the account managers are always available to call and speak to for advice and assistance. They have the relevant knowledge and experience to be able to provide reassurance and understanding of any issues that may arise. All calls to the company are logged and dealt with on a tier system, ensuring that every single one is dealt with within an assigned timeframe.

Contracts are tailored to best meet the customer’s needs, rather than clients being forced into contracts that aren’t suitable for them. This includes phone lines, broadband, mobile contracts and cloud-based services, all under the same bill, making it easier to manage. In addition, as MF Communications are specialist telecoms providers with a team of experienced engineers, they are able to carry out any maintenance and servicing on your telephone systems. They offer one-off or regular maintenance contracts to help ensure your business stays in constant communication.

Finding the right supplier for your business communications is critical. Contact MF Communications for more information.